DOUBLE SIDED Personalise your own Keyring / Letter Bag Tag (Made to order)

DOUBLE SIDED Personalise your own Keyring / Letter Bag Tag (Made to order)

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Why not extend your love of glittery goodness and carry it everywhere with you! Or maybe it can be used to help distinguish your child's school bag?

This double sided personalised keyring will certainly help you on those hectic mornings trying to find your car keys in a rush! Or be a great conversation starter with friends at school.

Glitter styled key-rings are made with 100% resin material, glitter in a 40mm circle and is made to order, so please take not that approx 2 weeks will be needed to make your pretty bag tag.

This design is fairly durable if dropped on the ground, (but not recommended) as resin cannot fracture as easily as glass. Thankful for those days when things fall unexpectedly or when in the hands of little ones!


Upon check out, please leave a note with the colours you are after. Please be specific i.e. Blue...what kind of blue? Dark or light? Name (ensure correct spelling) and a type of font you may be after.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the message bubble in the bottom corner or message me through Facebook or Instagram or email me at This is what I am here for afterall!! 

Most of all HAVE FUN!!!