Caring for your Earrings

To keep your handmade pretties in the best condition possible, you will need to store them well and most importantly out of the sun!!!!. Yes, the sun does fade the glitter over time, leaving them looking a little duller than you remember them to be.  Also, a Homespun Earring board is a good option to not only display your earrings, but to ensure they are not damaged and/or knocked. Please be cautious to not drop or pull apart the earrings using force, as this can damage and potentially break them, leaving you very unhappy!  

Please keep in mind when wearing your timber based, styled earrings, they do not like to get wet (i.e. shower or swimming, etc.) and will become damaged as a result of this.  Majority of my earrings are 100% resin made, and are more forgiving but still, it is not highly recommended for the longevity of your art piece. Please keep earrings away from heat and direct sunlight as it will discolour the glossy resin over time. It is preferred that you put on your earrings after applying makeup and perfume to avoid staining fabric/leather print or discolouring resin.

If earrings become "dirty" or "smudged", please use a soft cloth only (no chemicals needed) and gently spot clean these areas. Sometimes with use, grime can be found on the backs of earrings, a soft cloth is a great option to clean this area also. 

Bangles will need to be kept away from areas of heat, as this can warp the bangle out of shape. Please store in a safe and dry place and use responsibly.